S.NoProduct NameWeight (Kg/Unit)Price
1Chicken Wings0.5 Rs.220
2Chicken Leg Piece0.5 Rs.220
3Chicken Lollipop0.5 Rs.220
4Chicken Boneless0.5 Rs.198
5Chicken Breast0.5 Rs.220
6Chicken With Skin0.5 Rs.126
7Chicken Without Skin0.5 Rs.130

Combo Offers

S.NoProduct NameWeight (Kg/Unit)Price
No products found


S.NoProduct NameWeight (Kg/Unit)Price
1Country Chicken0.8 Rs.399

Dry Fish

S.NoProduct NameWeight (Kg/Unit)Price
1Valla Karuvadu0.5 Rs.200
2Nethili Karuvadu0.5 Rs.250
3Vanjaram Karuvadu0.5 Rs.400


S.NoProduct NameWeight (Kg/Unit)Price
1Kaadai1 Rs.330


S.NoProduct NameWeight (Kg/Unit)Price
1Mutton Keema0.5 Rs.450
2Mutton Brain0.1 Rs.105
3Mutton Nalli0.5 Rs.340
4Mutton Soup Bone0.5 Rs.300
5Mutton Rs.380
6Mutton Paya / Aatukaal0.5 Rs.229
7Mutton Boneless0.5 Rs.450
8Mutton Spleen / Manneral Rs.400
9Mutton Liver0.5 Rs.380
10Mutton Boti0.5 Rs.225
11Mutton Head Rs.270

Prawns & Crabs

S.NoProduct NameWeight (Kg/Unit)Price
1Pink Prawn0.5 Rs.410
2Sea Crab0.5 Rs.275
3Live Crab0.5 Rs.300
4Tiger Prawn1 Rs.1500
5Sea White prawns0.5 Rs.600
6Flower Prawn1 Rs.1300

Sea Fish

S.NoProduct NameWeight (Kg/Unit)Price
1Tilapia / Kari1 Rs.400
2Catla1 Rs.300
3Grouper1 Rs.650
4Indian Salmon / Kaala0.5 Rs.350
5Tuna / Soorai0.5 Rs.250
6Koduva / Sea Bass0.5 Rs.500
7Vanjaram Cubes0.5 Rs.650
8Rohu / Kendai1 Rs.300
9Sankara0.5 Rs.250
10White Pomfret0.5 Rs.800
11Shark / Sura0.5 Rs.400
12Mackerel / Ayala0.5 Rs.200
13Sardines / Kavalai0.5 Rs.150
14Cobia / Kadal Viral1 Rs.700
15Vanjaram Fish Finger0.5 Rs.650
16Parlaa / Mahi Mahi1 Rs.600
17Squid / Kadama0.5 Rs.275
18Barracuda / Sheela0.5 Rs.350
19Anchovies / Nethili0.5 Rs.200
20Lady Fish / Kelanga0.5 Rs.300
21Indian Halibut / Naaku0.5 Rs.350
22Black Pomfret / Vavval0.5 Rs.450
23Seer Fish / Vanjaram0.5 Rs.600
24Travelly / Paarai0.5 Rs.300

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Welcome to Kadalunavu
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