Dos and donts of eating fish during pregnancy

Why Eat Fish?

This is Because fish is full protein and iron and pregnant women for at least 27 milligrams of iron a day and around 71 grams of protein daily to prevent anemia to support baby’s growth. When not all fish is safe to add on to your plate at the time of pregnancy, you also must not avoid it completely.

Pregnant women also need such a fish which has omega-3 fatty acids which is helpful in decreasing inflammation and baby’s brain development. Each and every week around 300gms of tilapia, salmon, catfish, sardines, cod and canned light tuna

Don’t eat what’s unsafe
Completely avoid fish that are high in methyl mercury and other environmental toxins during pregnancy. Such toxins can pose risks for kidney, brain and central nervous system development of the baby.

Avoid eating tilefish, swordfish, raw fish, and shark during pregnancy as they may accumulate more methyl mercury as compared to other fish.Fish is a healthy, nutrient-rich food. Add it to your diet if it appeals to your during pregnancy.

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Welcome to Kadalunavu
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